Institute of Buildings and Surveyors

IBS is the only body which is taken a step to promote professional qualifications, membership for individuals, and organisational, policy enforcement to meet international standards, which are recognized all over the world. It is our aim to build foundations and work alongside governments to introduce new areas, professions, and practices to build infrastructure for towns, cities, and nations. It is long and hard work of nearly a decade to establish this body which will be independent and acknowledge no influence inside and outside government.


Your prosper future is our aim

However, we are positive that our body will generate new areas of employment in government and private sectors and it is our goal to introduce new regulations through government and implementation of legislation/regulation by Institute of buildings and Surveyors (IBS) accredited members under the strict approved code of conducts.

About our future

No nation in the world progress, until their foundations and goals are set and by the implementation of such an approved code of practice (Acop) and a professional code of ethics infrastructure, meets international standards.

Government and private sector will be benefited with our service to create a structure to deliver the highest level of service in said professions which will prosper towns, cities, states, and nations.

Facilities management alone contribute 131 billion in the UK only, surveying management contribute hundreds of billions in the UK, Constructions sector estimated by 1 trillion by 2022 and environmental practice create thousands of Jobs and result is not less than the miracle. Today UK is the financial hub and world is investing in UK, Hong Kong, and in many other countries where those independent regularities bodies have existed.

It is our aim to create employment directly to indirectly from hundreds to thousands in facilities management, engineering, constructions management, project management, health and safety area, many areas of surveying management, property investment, and environmental sustainability.

It is our prime object to make professional qualification accessible to millions around the world and more importantly run the campaign. There are millions of people who are out there in many countries who are willing to gain new skills and such qualifications can be great opportunities. There are millions of people who commit crimes, millions tried to cross the border for better lives illegally and many dead by doing it. And thousands of people are dead because of poor infrastructure management and it is because of lack of skills labour availability. We will deliver skills related programs which are available online, distance and on-campus through our partner and associates. There are many countries (Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Iran, Afganistan, Central Asia, East Asia, Central America, South America and many African countries) where growth is slow of skilled professionals in asset management, project management, surveying management, sustainable development projects, health and safety management, and environmental management.