IBS Associate Membership

This category demonstrates that you have a clear understanding of through a nationally recognized qualification. This is the ideal category if you’re looking to show the world that you take facilities management, construction management and surveying seriously, and is suited to a wide range of professions.
To become an Associate Member, you must have an accredited qualification. As an Associate Member, you can use the letters AIBS after your name. If you’re currently practicing in facilities management, civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, architect, construction management, and surveying and have at least 1-2 years experience, you should apply for Associate Membership and maintain your CPD, as Associate membership does not reflect your status as a professional.

You can also apply if you’re pursuing your degree in one of the following:

  • Electrical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Quantity surveyor
  • Building surveyor
  • Residential surveyor
  • Valuation surveyor
  • Facilities management
  • Construction management
  • Project management
  • Architect engineering
  • Roads & Transportation engineering

List of the Qualifications we accept:

  • Diploma in Electrical engineering
  • Diploma in Civil engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical engineering
  • Diploma in Building surveyors
  • Diploma in Residential surveying
  • Diploma in Quantity surveying
  • Diploma in Architect engineering
  • Diploma in Facilities management
  • Diploma in Construction management
  • Diploma in Project management