[Institute of buildings and Surveyors Pakistan]

We are the only body which is taken a step to promote professional qualifications and membership, which is recognized all over the world.  It is our aim to build foundations and work alongside governments to introduce new areas, professions, and practices to build infrastructure for towns, cities, and nations. It is long and hard work of nearly a decade to establish this body which will be independent and acknowledge no influence inside and outside government.


However, we are positive that our body will generate new areas of employment in government and private sectors and it is our goal to introduce new regulations through government and implementation of legislation/regulation by Institute of buildings and Surveyors (IBS) accredited members under the strict approved code of conducts.

Responsibilities of Board Members


In agreeing to become a member of the Board Member for [organization name], new Board members agree to the following:



  • I agree to and support the mission of Institute of buildings and Surveyors Pakistan
  • I agree that as a Board Member, I am an ambassador for the organization to the general public. I commit to playing this role in a positive, well-educated and responsible manner and to take advantage of opportunities to spread the word about [organization name]. I agree to be knowledgeable about [Institute of buildings and Surveyors Pakistan] ’s past accomplishments, present activities and plans for the future.

Time Commitment and Terms:

  • I agree to participate in Board Meetings, normally held [ 10 times a year across the country and one general meeting for all board members shall be held in Karachi or Islamabad.   If I am unable to attend, I commit to reviewing the agenda before the meeting and making contributions (if I have any) to the Board President to take to the meeting.  Following the meeting, I will make the effort to contact the Board President (or other designated Board contact) to be updated on the proceedings.
  • The board member will be rewarded with shares of the company after the commitment of two years equally as a reward to their efforts and all other expenses will be paid for travel, accommodation and any other expense as part of shareholders of IBS. You share in the organization are not transferable and not be sold but sold back to IBS. In case of board member decide to leave the organization, which requires 3 months’ notice period to find a replacement.
  • I am aware that there will often be time commitments needed between meetings for committee work and other organizational support efforts.
  • Board member expenses will be paid annually if travel 100 miles distance from residence or professional address
  • I agree to serve for a term of [5 years] and may serve up to [8 years] consecutive terms if nominated by the board.

Fiduciary Responsibility (Volunteer):

  • I understand that two of my fundamental roles are oversight of the financial health of the organization and assisting in identifying and raising funds.
  • I understand that part of this role is working collaboratively with other Board members and the Executive Director to formally approve and oversee the implementation of fiscally responsible annual budgets.
  • I agree to be an active participant in organizational fundraising, in coordination with the Executive Director.  I recognize that my contributions to this effort should embody several of the following components, depending on my means, talents, and interests:
    • Be a member of the organization [Membership Cost paid off by IBS till board member serve in IBS
    • Engage in the cultivation of major and other individual donors;
    • Where appropriate, and in coordination with the Executive Director, assist with outreach to private foundations and other grantors who fund or may potentially become funders of [organization name];
    • Assist with special fundraising events – e.g. raffles, backcountry trips, concerts, major donor dinners, personalizing and mailing fundraising appeal letters, etc.;
    • Secure donations from an employer who participates in a charitable or matching grant program;
    • Provide personal monetary as well as in-kind gifts to the organization


Program and Policy Development:

  • I recognize that the Board of members provides an overall strategic and policy direction for the organization.
  • I understand that it is the duty of the Executive Board Member and staff to implement this strategic and policy direction and to undertake daily operational tasks.
  • I agree to excuse myself from decisions that could pose a conflict of interest.

Legal Oversight:

·         I am aware that the Board Member, or a designated Legal Subcommittee of the Board, must oversee all legal actions in which the organization becomes involved.

  • In choosing whether to become involved in legal action, the Board must consider not only [organization name] programmatic goals but must also protect the organization’s financial health.
  • The Board must approve all lawsuits which [Institute of buildings and Surveyors Pakistan] chooses to pursue except for Administrative Actions).


Management of the Executive Director:

  • I am aware that the Board of the member is responsible for hiring, evaluating, professionally supporting and, if necessary, firing the Executive Board Member.



  • I am aware that the Board Member provides a venue for staff grievances or disputes to be heard and resolved that cannot otherwise be managed by the Executive Director alone, or in the event that the grievance or dispute involves the Executive Director.



  • I recognize that as a Board member, I am an ambassador and advocate for the organization.  When publicly identifying myself as a [organization name] Board member, I will strive to clearly, accurately and positively portray the mission and spirit of [organization name].
  • I may, if I choose, and if designated by the Board President and Executive Director, be the lead spokesperson on a particular issue for [organization name].
  • I will not speak on behalf of the organization without the prior explicit consent of the Board President and the Executive Director.


Board Development:

  • As outlined in our bylaws, the Board will seek to sustain itself by nominating, evaluating and occasionally appointing new Board members. I will participate in evaluating how well the board is performing and strive to maintain an effective organization, as well as effective procedures and recruitment.
  • The Board will seek to ensure that it is a composite of diverse individuals who can best represent the mission, needs, demographics, programs, geography and sustenance of the organization.


  • I agree to preserve and protect the confidentiality of confidential information both during and after board tenure.


Conflict of Interest:

  • I agree to disclose to the President any circumstances that might appear to involve a conflict of interest.


As a member of the Board member for ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­[Institute of buildings and Surveyors Pakistan], I hereby agree to the above.