Code of Conducts

The code of professional conduct sets out the elements of professional standards and ethical considerations, which the Institute requires from members and shall be binding on all members of the Institute. It contains two principles adopted by the IBS – the overriding principle of professionalism – acting in the public interest – and the principle of treating people fairly and, from the POC additional four principles and the rules of conduct.


1. Through this Code, the Institute can ensure that the highest standards are consistently maintained amongst its members. All members must commit themselves to uphold and maintain the standards set out in the Code, which includes the spirit of the Code as well as its express written terms, and must agree to comply with all reasonable requests to investigate breaches of the Code. Members must act in good faith and take all reasonable steps to resolve disputes and breaches of the Code before official complaints about the breach are made to the Professional Conduct Committee.
2. A breach of the Code or a dispute that cannot be resolved satisfactorily by the member(s) acting in good faith under clause 2.2 Above, which comes to the Institute’s attention, howsoever it comes to the Institute’s attention, including by written communication, by telephone or via a third party, suggesting that a member’s conduct may not be compliant with the Code, will be reviewed by the Professional Conduct Committee in accordance with the Procedure for breach of this Code of Professional Conduct.
3. Members must ensure that they comply with all relevant legal obligations. It is not the remit of the Code to set out all the legal obligations applicable to the Institute’s members.