Construction Management NVQF Level 5 For Senior Manager

Who is this course for?

Construction Management course is basically for the candidates who are in pursuit of promotion and specifical individuals from construction sectors can join for this course.

Construction Management is also beneficial for candidates who want to enhance their management skills and knowledge to handle construction projects. Business owners, who are running their own business, want to look over operations of a business, and the managers who want to develop skills to enhance their professional level by promotion are also encouraged to take this course.

Workers and supervisors at construction sites who want to enhance their leadership skills can also avail this course. Individuals who want to enhance their career prospects and candidates who are at the entry level and want to achieve success in the near future are advised to enrol in the construction management course.

Course Objectives

Learning Objectives

Construction Management course provides the knowledge that will enable you to:

  • Understand Construction Management and how it affects the industry and its operations.
  • Understanding the tools and techniques for the project and their use in construction firms.
  • Understand the detail of a construction project and what is a requirement to start a construction project.
  • Understanding manager responsibility.
  • Understanding dispute resolutions in the construction industry and different ways to resolve issues.
  • Understanding the implementation of change in the construction industry.
  • Understanding the merge of technologies into the construction industry and its benefits
  • Understanding the key conjunction of construction management
  • Environmental management of construction project and its effect on public health
  • Understand the management process on construction sites and how to manage the team during a construction project.
  • Manage the supply and availability of staff and their satisfaction on the construction site.
  • Manage the physical resources such as machinery, equipment and material at the construction site.
  • Improving the communication skills while managing the project on site and different stakeholders
  • Detail understanding of waste management of construction and its impact on the environment
  • Understand high-quality standards at the worksite and its management.
  • Managing health and safety on the construction site and have a detailed understanding
Unit no. Competency and credits
1 Construction Industry Introduction- 7
2 Staff training on Construction Project- 7
3 Construction management planning – 10
4 Equipment management (EM) in construction industry- 7
5 Material management (MM) in the construction industry – 7
6 Health and safety in a construction site – 7
7 Managing team on a construction project – 5
8 Understanding the Responsibilities of construction manager- 5
9 General contractor and its role in construction management- 5
10 Key functions of construction management- 5
11 Documents management on construction project- 10
12 Scheduling in construction management- 6
13 Use of software on construction management- 5
14 Environmental management in construction management site- 10
15 Risk assessment and control measurement in construction- 8
16 Different causes of project failure- 7
17 Dispute resolution in construction – 7
18 Change Management in construction – 8
19 Emergency management in construction management – 7
20 Waste management in construction management – 7


Career opportunities upon completion of this course

  1. Construction coordinator
  2. Construction health & safety assessor
  3. Construction site manager
  4. Construction operational manager
  5. Residential development manager
  6. Road development management
  7. Construction surveyor
  8. Construction strategic manager
  9. Health and safety consultant for the construction sector