Estate Agent Certificate

It is one-day training programs suitable to everyone and all backgrounds.

Once you decide to take the course, you can expect to complete the following modules:

  • Introduction: This module provides a job description of an Estate Agent and gives an overview of the industry.
  • Types of Estate Agents: Since there are many types of Estate Agents, this section of the course summarises the roles and responsibilities of each type of agent, ranging from rental agents to commercial agents.
  • When to Hire an Agent: This module describes the situations in which clients often turn to Estate Agents.
  • Getting to Know Clients: To have a successful business model, you need to learn communication skills and modes of fostering trust between yourself and the client.
  • Daily Responsibilities: This section includes tips for time management, arranging priorities, and determining a routine.
  • Property Sales: This module explains why sellers and buyers should utilise the skills of an Estate Agent.
  • Valuations: As a primary task of Estate Agents, valuations and estimates are actions that Estate Agents should be able to perform flawlessly.
  • Performing Viewings: Prepping a house for viewing, arranging viewings, and leading a viewing are necessary skills that Estate Agents need in their toolbox.
  • Negotiation: This module outlines the fundamental components of a strong negotiation.
  • Buying: To successfully do the job, Estate Agents need to understand the logistics of purchasing the property.
  • Technology: An understanding of technology and its role in Real Estate allows potential agents to integrate technology into their daily routine.
  • Letting Agents: Another key component in this course is this module on letting agents, which describes the role and responsibility of this type of agent.
  • Property Management: This section delineates between property management and letting agents, and it outlines the role of a property manager.
  • Laws and Regulations: This final module educates agents on the legislation regarding Real Estate and how Real Estate practices are regulated.

Overall, the profession of Estate Agent is an exciting and constantly evolving industry. No matter your education or experience, there are a variety of ways that you can begin your career in Real Estate today.