How to apply for membership?

To apply for membership by clicking this link, fill-up the form, and select membership categories and it is advised to check the requirement of the membership by

How long it takes to get the outcome of membership?

The decision of membership is based on the level of membership and normally it takes 15 working days excluding holidays and for full membership and above will take 3 weeks to 5 weeks.

When can I apply for membership?

Membership can be applied anytime by filling up the form by going the downloading options and selecting the right form for membership.

How do I know what membership is good for me?

It is our aim to provide assistance in any matter and to help you with this we have membership team who are experienced to advise what membership will be suitable to your career and more details are available on the website for membership and its requirement.

What are the benefits of membership?

There are a number of benefits by joining membership;

  • Discounts CPD programs
  • Better Career opportunities locally and overseas
  • Membership will be recognized all the overworld
  • Membership is accepted by companies and organizations
  • Hotels and accommodations discounts
  • Selected restaurants discounts
  • Brands discounts for suits and cloths
  • Free training programs
  • Financial help during the sickness or unemployment through partner bodies ( T&C )

How much it costs to obtain the membership?

New Membership fee chart will be upload.

Can be membership refused or revoked?

Yes, it depends on circumstances such wrong information provided, lack of experience or skills in a particular sector, code of conduct is broken during your work, which will lead to refuse you membership, or revoked and notification will be issued with detail findings.

What is the duration of membership?

Professional membership for individuals is 1 year and 2 years and membership for organizations last only 1 years and renewable each year. For more details, please check our website.

What is the payment method to use for membership?

We can accept payment via phone, cheque, direct debit, Paypal, and paper form.

Do we run CPD courses and training programs?

Yes, our organization constantly evolved and it is our aim to deliver the latest and advance training programs, courses, technology, health and safety improved standards and adopting a change to meet current demand. All of these courses will be delivered through our organization and our accredited centres, colleges and Universities.

Where can I find details of courses and qualifications?

All the courses can be found on our website in the qualification area, which is suitable for everyone including CPD and other individuals and professionals. All the CPD programs will be promoted separately in CPD section and all the events details will be available on our website with dates and venues.

How should I decide what course is suitable for me?

Our dedicated qualification team is available to assist you in the selection of course. However, our qualification advisers are available in all major centres, colleges, Boards, and Universities to help you decide what course is better for you and help you what career can be achieved once it is finished. For more details about courses and visit our qualification section for details of each course and its requirement.

Is there any help to assist in choosing the right qualification?

Yes, online assistance internal and external assistance is available for the selection of the course and its outcome and answer in detail is available in question 12.

What membership will be awarded from the start of the qualification?

It depends on experience and qualification but for level 1 or 2 with no experience training or students membership will be rewarded and if course and experience are high then membership level will be higher and all the criteria of membership and its requirements are available on our website.

What is membership will be awarded once the course is finished?

Once your qualification is finished the membership will be rewarded accordingly and will be upgraded where it requires. It is our prime objective that right membership is given. Membership will be depending on what qualification finished and assessing your experience.

What is the procedure for the reset in exams?

If you fail in any of subject or assignment then it can be reset by filling up the forms which are available online in our download section and in your local centre to be filled up and send back to us via post or submit to your local centre.

Qualifications and its value and recognition?

All the qualifications are recognized in all over the world as all of our courses run in partnership with international body and all the courses are approved by the government and it is part of our core value to deliver qualification which is respected and recognized in every country in the world. All the courses will lead to better career opportunities.

How to get accreditation to run the qualifications?

Click to download section and select the forms for accreditation and fill it up with all the documents requested in it and send it over to our correspondence address which is available in an application.

Can I finish my course by distance learning?

Yes, you can finish your course by distance learning or online depending on your course and all the material will be provided and send it over to your address and for more details, you can visit our website or contact us and you are welcome to visit one of our local centres.

How are the exams like for distance learning?

Our aim to make easy for individual to go for exams which will be online and most of the exams will be based on assignments which will help to gain knowledge and you will be allowed to visit buildings, companies, organisations, governments sectors, and any other facilities to finish your assignments and IFS is restricted on malpractice which is prohibited by all means.

Will my qualification be recognized?

Yes, it is an approved course and will be accepted in all over the world without a problem and it will be equivalent to international standards and our organization which offers programs which are accepted on equal bases.

What will be my career choices after finishing my qualification?

It depends on your qualification but most of the students will have options in Project management in construction, Site manager construction, foreman construction, health, and safety adviser construction and development, residential surveyor, building surveyors, quantity surveyor, land surveyor, Environmental officer in construction, building managers, facilities managers, facilities and building supervisors, facilities assistance, Building health and safety advisers, space and land managers, natural reserve managers, and list goes on.

Is there any practical involve?

Most of the qualifications are designed to be more practical which means you are required to visit projects, buildings, facilities in the private and government sector to analyse everything and how it can be improved and environmentally.

IBS is recognized awarding body and professional association?

It is only professional association and body in South Asia which is working in partnership with international body deliver skilled courses and produce skill labour and we are an independent body and we are recognized internationally, local governments and the private sector.

What is the corporate value of IBS?

Click this page to further your understanding of our corporate values.

What is a professional code of practice and where I find them?

Professional code of conducts which are rules and regulations set up by IBS governing body and the purpose to abide them by all professionals and organization. You can download by visiting our download page or click this link.

How are the board members selected?

Board members are selected by qualified voting members and for full organizational structure please visit the download page and click board members.

How are ethical committee members selected?

All the ethical members are volunteer and selected from different backgrounds to improve our ethical practice internally and externally.

Where can I find the latest Jobs?

By visiting our career page where all the latest Jobs will be advertised and also jobs will be advertised Universities boards, annual events will be held at Universities to select the right candidate and it is equal opportunities for including applicant with a disability will be a guaranteed.

Where can I find an application for employment?

An only application form will be available soon.

Where I find the latest events?

You can find all the events details on the main page or by clicking this link.

What is the purpose of events and campaign?

All the events are organized and will be organized for various aims including CPD programs, small training events, career events, sustainability and modern development, and environmental issues and solutions. However, it is our prime objective run the campaign in every School, College, University and Centre and engage with students, professionals, common person to bring the awareness and importance of this establishment and services such qualifications and training programs which are not previously offered. Presently, facilities management, building management, construction and project management, surveying industry and environmental sector worth trillions and these industries are changing adopting. It is our aim to create and deliver an education which will start new industries and introduce more efficient way managing assets and development project internally and new companies will be opened across the country and internationally. Furthermore, all new companies will be able to bid international contracts in above-said categories. It is our aim to highlight the issues and provide sustainable solutions and we will modernize educational courses working alongside private and government sectors, to make sure that rights skilled are delivered to every individual. Pat of our campaign, is to show the only professional association ever established which will deliver membership services which are recognized in the world to achieve better career opportunities, recognized experience, and qualification in the world. IBS will be delivering professional code of conducts for individuals and organizations to follow alongside the code of ethics. Our campaign requires massive funding and sponsorships which will be achieved through different donors from the private sector and government sector and sponsorships.

What can I find in the latest news section?

Latest news section can be found on our main page where all the latest news within the relevant industry is updated and delivered to our members. Click here to access the page.

What is the refund policy on membership and qualification?

No refund is offered on registration under any circumstances and we are unable to comment on the accredited centre and policies. It is kindly advised to speak to the admission department of your centre.

Where can I find near the accredited centre?

The list can request by calling customer service team Monday through However, soon the list will be available to download from download sector and will be updated monthly if no local centre in the list then please call to the customer service.

How to get in touch with the membership and qualification department?

By calling the switchboard and requesting for a relevant department or you can place call back request and one of our team members will get in touch with you.

How will this organization create jobs?

We will be delivering a skilled education which will introduce new industry in building management, construction and project management, health and safety management in infrastructure, environmental issues and surveying management. In every industry will generate thousands of jobs which will be helping to improve existing infrastructure and all the projects, buildings, and lands in future. We will conduct events to bring awareness to the private and government sectors.

Will this organization work with private and government sectors?

It is our prime objective of working alongside everyone to highlights issues and bring awareness.

How this organization brings changes in infrastructure?

All its members will be following and practising strict professionals and ethic codes which allows them to take the right decision without considering any stress from in manners. All our qualified members and professionals will be working in management sectors in buildings across the board, development sectors and any project management across the board, health, and safety implementation through infrastructure, implementation of environmental policies, and surveying management and all our members are free to make decisions for better for people safety and environment.

Does IBS adopt changes and how to implement?

Our organization is on the frontline to utilize changes and deliver those changes to be recognized internationally.

What can I find in the download section?

All the forms are available in download section including memberships, registration, career, construction contracts, zero-hour contracts, employment contracts, proposal forms for new companies, ethical codes of conducts, professional codes of conducts, organizational chart, board members, ethical committee members, membership fee, list of accredited centres and much more.

What is the purpose of donations and how it spends?

Our campaign requires massive funding and donations which will be spent to conducts events across the country and some of the funding will be for that member who is unemployed to help them financially.

Where can I find a membership directory?

Please click here to see member directory and click for the directory of organisations