Membership Level 1

This is the basic membership for buildings, facilities, and leisure centers. There are the number of areas which are required to be inspected by a qualified professional who is registered with IBS or working for the organization he/she representing should have service membership. Number of areas which required to be inspected are as follow;

  • Entrance and Egress- Exit width and high should be reasonable to accommodate a number of footsteps in case of emergency.
  • Basic facilities such as access to clean drinking water, restroom, canteen area, clean toilets, and sports area if required.
  • Basic first Aid box check sheet and Inspection sheet.
  • Trained First Aid provider on site, not on call.
  • A clear Evacuation plan and trained Fire Warden.
  • Electronic People verification system should be in place.
  • Weekly fire alarm records and details of company monitor alarm.
  • Mock fire evacuation test.
  • Clear direction to the assembly point in case emergency.
  • At least the individual should be registered with IBS in the organization if the number of footsteps is below 250.