Membership Level 2

This membership for buildings, facilities, and leisure centres to achieve level 2. There are the number of areas which are required to be inspected by the qualified professional who is registered with IBSP or working for the organisation he/she representing should have service membership. Number of areas which require authorities s are as follow;

1. Entrance and Egress- Exit width and high should be reasonable to accommodate the number of footsteps in case of emergency.

  • Clear signs should be placed for exits in all the buildings.

2. Basic facilities such as access to clean drinking water, restroom, canteen area, clean toilets, sufficient lighting, and sports area (if required).

3. Basic first Aid box check sheet and Inspection sheet.

  • Fire Extinguish should be inspected and placed in all sensitive areas.
  • The fire extinguisher should be inspected regularly.
  • Clear signs for locations of first Aid box.

4. Trained First Aid provider on site, not on call.

  • Mock first Aid procedure should be in place to practiced quarterly and details reports should be maintained.
  • The record should be maintained for any incident/ Accident and treated by First Aid.
  • Clear signs where the fire extinguisher locations and record of training are provided on how to use of fire extinguish.

5. A clear Evacuation plan and trained Fire Warden

6. Electronic People verification system should be in place

7. Weekly fire alarm records and details of company monitor alarm and record should be maintained.

8. Mock fire evacuation test.

  • Completely and clear report of the mock test should be conducted 2 reports a year.
  • Any accident or incident should be recorded and reported to local authorities.

9. Clear direction to the assembly point in case of a fire emergency or any other emergency.

10. Complete building/ space inspection should be carried regularly out and the record should be available and maintained and active measures are taken to avoid any unseen incidents or Near-Miss.

11. Registered electrician 2 reports required and detail record should be maintained.

12. Mechanical engineer reports 2 required per year and the complete record should be maintained.

13. Any extension or development should be reported to local authorized and record should be available to be inspected.

14. If premises/ Building/ space is being used for underage users then there should be clear measurements taken to avoid any incidents and extra security is applied throughout the buildings/ Space.

15. A Clear message should be placed where space/ Building is used by Adult visitors and clear child policy or underage children to avoid any unseen incidents.

16. Only for Universities and College where the number of people in the buildings is massive should have dedicated facilities or building management department consisting of facilities/ Building assistants, Building/Facilities supervisors, Building/ Facilities managers, First Aid, and Health & Safety Advisor, and Surveyors.

17. Implementation of sustainability through infrastructure is recommended and introduce to protect and provide greenery, efficient way of electricity usage, environmentally sustainable designs, and promoting a sustainable environment.

18. A complete guideline should be available to be inspected contain the term and conditions for building management staff.

19. At least 2x individual should be registered with IBS in the organization if the number of footsteps is up to 150-2350 and the number of people managing facilities, buildings, development or space should be increased with the number of footsteps.