Individual Membership

Individual Membership allows government and private sector to get achieve their membership through the competitive process to enhance professional practice in Facilities, Buildings, Constructions, and Surveying. Click to the membership form and explore membership categories.


Organisational Membership

Service membership allows companies and organization can register and achieve membership and practice relevant industry example Richard and Son Ltd got membership in facilities can manage facilities and relevant practices but if Richard & Sons Ltd achieved membership in facilities, construction and surveying then they can carry on practice all said industries and it is Richard & Sons Ltd responsibilities to recruit and promote professionals with memberships and government departments will follow similar rules. This membership is suitable for Developers, Construction Managers, Facilities Manager, Estate Agents, and Surveyors. Benefits of this membership are as follow:

  • New skills will be promoted
  • New practices will be will be introduced
  • Employment will be generated
  • Foreign Investment in different professional practicing sectors
  • Companies will be able to bid international contracts in facilities, and construction
  • Clean Environment will be assured
  • Improved and better Infrastructure
  • Increase in profitability
  • Sustainable development and improvement
  • Highest Standards of Health and Safety
  • New technologies will be introduced through the approved supplier

Service Membership allows Schools, Colleges, Training centers, Leisure centers, Universities, Hospitals, restaurants, hotels, Stadiums, and all other buildings which falls under private or government sectors, all and each building required to have membership where complete building inspection will be carried out by professionals and certified members of IBS and certification will be awarded level 1 to level 3.

Membership level 1 to level 3 is scale used by members to identify what measurement is taken by practicing managers, directors, owners, management companies to ensure approved code of practice is applied without breaching any regulation. It is our aim to work alongside local, provincial, federal government bodies and private sectors to improve and value of human life, environment and generate employment.