Level 5 Qualifications – Level 5 Award, Certificate, Diploma & Extended Diploma in Facilities Management

These Level 5 qualifications (Award, Certificate, Diploma or Extended Diploma) will develop your understanding of facilities management and provide you with practical techniques and methods for fulfilling essential tasks in your role. The programmes will also enable you to recall and apply relevant skills, methods and ideas under the appropriate circumstance.

The Level 5 Facilities Management qualifications emphasise management skills in practice. The work-focused assessments will enable you to take responsibility, launch new facilities management projects and complete high-priority tasks in this growing industry sector.

Level 5 Qualifications are aimed at professionals working at a middle or senior management level, and in particular, those specialised in complex functions.

The course is especially suitable for senior facilities management professionals working with:

  • Single or multi-site operations
  • Hard and/or soft service provision
  • Partner relationships
  • Performance management
  • Major projects with capital spend
  • Compliance in health and safety and other key critical legislation
  • Financial management.

Successful learners who complete all training requirements at one of IBS recognised centres receive a qualification as follows:

  • Level 5 Award in Facilities Management (12 credits)
  • Level 5 Certificate in Facilities Management (24 credits)
  • Level 5 Diploma in Facilities Management (48 credits)
  • Level 5 Extended Diploma in Facilities Management (120 credits) – forms pathway in Higher Level Apprenticeships in Facilities Management
Units Competency Credits
L501  Facilities manager development overview 6
L502 Impact of health and safety on FM 10
L503 Internal and external team management in FM 8
L504 Impact of Strategic planning in facilities management 6
L505 Premises acquisition and lease management in FM 6
L506 Risk assessment in facilities management 6
L507 Financial management for the facilities manager 7
L508 Information technology and its impact on FM 6
L509 Managing projects in FM 7
L510 Maintain good relationship with contractors, and suppliers in FM 6
L511 Promote quality of service in facilities management 6
L512 Excellent customer service impact on FM 5
L513 Understanding change and its implementation in FM 7
L514 Space management in FM 5
L515 Understanding and managing contracts in FM 3
L516 Managing energy and utilities in FM 4
L517 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability in FM 3
L518 Understanding leadership role in FM 6
L519 Documents management in the workplace 7
L520 Disability discrimination in FM 3
L521 Support services operations in facilities management 7
L522 Regularity requirement of Fire safety in FM (BCP) 8
L523 Understanding car parking management in FM 3
L524 Tools, devices, software, and equipment 0
L525 Assessment and Learning Objectives 0

To apply this qualification one of the following required:

1. Minimum of 4 years of experience in facilities management.

2. Minimum 2 years diploma with one-year work experience in facilities, construction or project management or property management.