Level 6 Qualifications – QCF Level 6 Award, Certificate & Diploma in Facilities Management

The Level 6 Facilities Management qualifications, (Award, Certificate or Diploma) will help you to enhance their understanding of facilities management and apply new skills and methods to complex FM problems.

The programme is aimed at senior facilities management professionals and has been designed alongside employers to help facilities management professionals further develop their strategic approaches and operations management techniques.

The knowledge and experience gained throughout programme and work focused assignments will help ensure that learners are ready to take responsibility for planning and delivering substantial change or development projects in their organisations.

Level 6 Qualifications are aimed at senior, strategic facilities managers. The course is especially suitable for professionals working with:

  • Strategic review and development of FM service provision
  • Corporate governance and risk
  • Driving innovation and change
  • Financial performance
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainability
  • Property and procurement strategy.

Outcome / Qualification etc.

Successful learners who complete all training requirements at one of IBS recognised centres receive a qualification as follows:

  • Level 6 Award in Facilities Management (10 credits)
  • Level 6 Certificate in Facilities Management (30 credits)
  • Level 6 Diploma in Facilities Management (60 credit

To be qualified at QCF Level 6 and receive an IBS qualification in Facilities Management, learners are required to complete one of the following schemes:

  • Level 6 Award: 1 mandatory unit (10 credits in total)
  • Level 6 Certificate: 1 mandatory unit + additional 20 credits (30 credits in total)
  • Level 6 Diploma: 4 mandatory units + additional 30 credits (60 credits in total)

Mandatory Units and QCF credit value

  • Strategic facilities management (10): Award, Certificate and Diploma
  • Facilities management governance and risk (8): Diploma
  • Quality management and customer service in facilities management (6): Diploma
  • Financial management in facilities management (6): Diploma

Optional Units

  • Strategic facilities management support services operations (4)
  • Compliance with organisational health and safety and the impact on facilities management(6)
  • Strategic leadership and management in facilities management(8)
  • Human resource management in facilities management (6)
  • Developing strategic relationships in facilities management(6)
  • Strategic management of information and knowledge in facilities management(4)
  • Corporate responsibility and sustainable facilities management (6)
  • Procurement strategy facilities management (6)
  • Property management and maintenance strategy for facilities management (8)
  • Introducing and leading change in an organisation and managing the impact on facilities management (6)

 Size of qualification

Level 6 qualifications in facilities management are available in three different sizes; you can choose the size to suit your needs:

  • Award – will give you a focused qualification covering FM strategy within a single unit
  • Certificate – will provide you with more comprehensive coverage of the subject
  • Diploma – will provide the full package of skills, knowledge and understanding at this level.