What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the framework that ensures that the development and manufacture of products such as pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and medical devices are performed in compliance with regulatory requirements. This is achieved through the development, implementation and continual improvement of systems. Independent assessment provides feedback on the robustness of such a system.

What is a IBS Professional?

The role of the IBS Professional varies from company to company but there are three main aspects that can be considered as core:

  • Conduct of independent audits of the product development process to assure management of compliance with applicable regulations
  • Provision of expert and independent advice and consultation relating to the interpretation of regulatory requirements, regulations and quality management systems
  • The integral part of the corporate risk management framework

What are the responsibilities of quality assurance committee?

  1. External Examinations and Assessment
  2. Qualifications and Professional programs
  3. Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reviews
  4. Engagement with committee members
  5. Individual and organizational membership audits
  6. Independent quality assurance audit for government and the private sector.