Delay to planned 'Rules of Conduct' consultation

IBSP has decided to put the planned consultation on the Rules of Conduct on hold during the COVID-19 crisis so that we can focus our resources on supporting the profession.

We will let members know when we have set a new date for the consultation to open.

The IBSP Rules of Conduct set out the standards of professional conduct and practice expected of all IBSP members, students, trainees, and regulated firms.

The Rules provide a strong foundation for IBSP , its professionals, and the firms it regulates, helping to protect the public and uphold the reputation of the profession.

The Rules of Conduct demonstrate to clients, consumers and the public the high professional standards that IBSP professionals and firms work to. Being able to show that you are a qualified IBSP professional or that your firm is regulated by IBSP provides independent external confidence.

The Rules of Conduct for Members are mandatory for all IBSP professionals, students and trainees regardless of their geographic location and sector of practice.

Rules of Conduct for Firms are mandatory for all IBSP regulated firms.

Download our Rules of Conduct