IBS Voting Membership

As the only organization in the world that offers membership to the Facilities management, Constructions management and surveying practitioners, we can help you achieve the highest professional standards. Employers know that when they work with facilities management, Constructions management, and surveying Practitioner, they’re dealing with someone who’s at the top of their profession.

Our Members also have the respect of their peers – other professionals know that they’ve been through a rigorous process to become a full member and have met the high standards of the world’s most prestigious body for facilities management, Constructions management, and surveying professionals. You can only become a Member after gaining Graduate membership or you can choose the direct route as a non-member.

Why become Member? employers and recruitment consultants are already well used to working with and hiring facilities management, Constructions management, and surveying professionals. They recognize Chartered status as shorthand for ‘best in class’ and they know they’ll get the highest professional standards from a member individual. Membership the status will help you: improve your ability to influence decision-makers to work on an equal footing with other professionals increase your future employability As a Member of  IBS, you’re entitled to use the designation Facilities management, Constructions management, and surveying Practitioner and the designatory letters  MIBS.  All  Members need to maintain a CPD record.

Membership criteria

  • You must have one of the accredited degrees
  • You must have at least 5 years of experience in Facilities Management, Planning, and development, Design engineering, Electrical engineering, Environmental sector, Roads and transportation engineering, Construction Management, Surveying practitioners and any other relevant practice in infrastructure planning and management,