• Building surveyors help create and supervise everything from towering skyscrapers to simple home extensions.
  • Project management surveyors run teams to deliver projects on time and on budget.
  • Quantity surveyors assess the financial impact and profitability of construction projects.
  • Building control surveyors design and manage the use of buildings to make sure they comply with laws and regulations.
  • Infrastructure surveyors ensure the effective running and connecting of cities, including rail, road, broadband and electricity.
  • Property surveyors value, sell, rent and manage all types of housing and businesses, from offices to shops and restaurants.
  • Valuation surveyors analyse and measure the value of buildings or businesses: for example, how much is Google actually worth?
  • Management consultancy surveyors maximise business performance by running operations, strategies and structures.
  • Facilities management surveyors add value to businesses by creating vibrant, productive workplaces.
  • Geomatics surveyors map, analyse and interpret spatial data and information about the land, sea and buildings.
  • Environmental surveyors manage the development and use of land to minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Minerals and waste surveyors extract, mine, use and manage natural resources and then plan the disposal of related waste.
  • Rural surveyors value and manage the use of land and buildings in the countryside.
  • Planning and development surveyors help create the towns and cities of the future, ensuring happier, healthier communities.

Technology is transforming the world and surveyors work with many of the latest innovations – from drones to augmented reality, artificial intelligence and even 3D-printed buildings:

  • Internet of Things – smart objects, sensors and big data help to plan and manage intelligent cities with less pollution, better public space and more connected communities
  • AI and virtual reality – artificial intelligence helps create augmented reality, 3D models allowing people to tour buildings or inspect construction sites virtually
  • mobile mapping – specialist drones, ground penetrating radar and laser scanners enable surveyors to map and analyse anywhere on Earth.